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Working out in Holly’s Shoes: Eating 6 times per day: How to do this? Why do this? Benefits?

Posted on: November 12, 2009

calgary personal trainer“Fail to prepare….prepare to fail!” Paul Anthony

This has been really challenging for me to get used to and incorporate into my busy lifestyle. I used to eat when I could, eat on the run, didn’t eat, or if I did it was really late at night and you could bet that it sure ended up being the worst possible choice I could make. The only way that this works is that my food must be prepared in advance and I have to carry it around with me all day because I get busy, meetings comes up, late nights at the office happen, so by always having my food with me, I am prepared for anything. I am also keeping my metabolism going and not getting really hungry where I stop at the nearest McDonalds en route to my next meeting or when I’m leaving the office at 11pm at night because it’s just so great its open 24hours now! So, that being said, I now have some nice insulated lunch bags, ice packs and a bunch of Tupperware! Typically, every Sunday, I grocery shop and turn my fridge into, what I like to call, Tupperware Town. I get all my chicken for the week cooked and portioned and all veggies washed, cut up, and portioned because, I find, that these are the most time-consuming items to prepare.

After Sunday, the week is a little easier and less stressful; you feel totally in control and organized – food wise at least. You don’t have to worry, stress, or starve over food during the week and you really feel like you are eating to live not living to eat!

In addition to this, I keep a journal off my food and fitness every day. It’s great to keep me conscious of what I am doing each day and something that I can reflect on at the end of the day and see how great I did.

(Miss Holly’s TIP: I found an amazing journal at Chapters called the “Diet & Fitness Journal” where I can log my daily food & fitness, chart my weight loss & measurements, it has quotes, tips, a nutrition guide of popular foods and a spot in the front for a before picture and a spot at the back for an after picture.( I was too scared to put my actual before picture in, incase I lost my book and someone found it, so I drew in my before picture!), plus much more! Since then, I have got a bunch and have given them to my best friends or amazing women that I know who are on the same journey as me. So go out and get yours and buy one for a friend, it’s a great way to keep you accountable and a support each other!)

-Holly Smith

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