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Nutrition: Save yourself from the Sweet-tooth Torture brought on by Halloween

Posted on: November 6, 2009

Halloween is a tough time of year for the sweet-tooth fanatics. It tests our will-power, strength and ability to steer clear of the sugary sweets that can take away all of your hard work in an instant. How can you survive the sweet-tooth torture brought on by Halloween? The following article provide 4-tips that might help you get past your cravings this season!

“Halloween and its homage to sugar is lurking just around every corner. As the temptation mounts each time we go to the grocery store to purchase enormous bags of candy bars and suckers, remember these surefire ways to treat yourself during this spooky time without tricking your diet plans before the holidays. You can survive Halloween on a diet.

  1. Plan Ahead. Before going to the store, determine how many bags of candy you will need, not how many you want. That way you know the stockpile of candy is for the little goblins and gremlins at your door.
  2. Don’t Play Favorites. Avoid buying candy that you love, and select only the candy that you are not tempted by. If you know you’ll lose all self-control around a certain candy-covered chocolate, do yourself a favor and opt for something you’re not likely to crave.
  3. Skip the Candy. It might feel like you’re violating some code, but more and more people are opting to hand-out healthy snacks or non-edibles as Halloween treats. Colored pencils, boxes of raisins, organic lollipops, granola bars, or party favor toys are all great alternatives to traditional candy.
  4. Give it Away. Between the leftover candy you were distributing and the haul your kids brought back with them, your kitchen counter might look like a little candy store. A very tempting candy store. Let everyone choose a few pieces of their favorites, and then get rid of it by donating to a local food bank, foster care center, senior center, homeless shelter, or even send it to the troops.

The idea with Halloween is to relish in this sugar-coated holiday, but not go totally nuts with sugar. Let everyone celebrate and enjoy the fun with costumes, decorations, or even a special Halloween dinner with warm apple cider, instead of embarking on a sugar high. And remember, one peanut butter cup tastes just the same as the ten additional ones you were considering eating.”

Source: DietsinReview

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