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Personal Training: Not all Personal Trainers are Created Equal: How to find the right personal trainer for you!

Posted on: November 5, 2009

If you are tired at going at it alone and are on the market for a Personal Trainer there are some criteria that your “chosen one” should meet before you put your body in their hands. Please read the following article to learn what you should look for when choosing your own Personal Trainer!

Article by: Phano Paul Som –

“Exercise is a science that requires extensive knowledge and skill, a process that takes many years to develop. By seeking the assistance of qualified fitness professional, you can benefit from the knowledge and experience that he/she has acquired, ultimately expediting your ability to achieve more results. More and more people are beginning to regard a personal trainer not as a luxury but as a necessity. They are realizing that, without proper guidance and support it is very difficult to initiate an exercise program. Unfortunately, virtually anyone can hang a sign on their door and call themselves a fitness professional. There now are more trainers than ever, substantially increasing your chances of making a bad choice.

There are five important things to look for when choosing your Personal Trainer:

1) Does your Personal Trainer have Credentials?:

One must realize that simply because a person is certified does not mean he/she is an expert in the field of fitness. Certified implies that a trainer displays a basic knowledge of exercise, stretching and nutrition, but does not take into account many factors that ultimately determine a trainer’s competence. There are many trainers who possess book smarts and can pass a certification exam, but often are not able to communicate their knowledge to others in a clear, concise fashion. Certification is valuable as an initial screening tool but it has limited usage.

2) A Personal Trainers Physique is Important:

A personal trainer should serve as a fitness role model. If you are inspired by the physique of your trainer, it can serve to motivate you to stay on a proper course. The ability to work with someone who has achieved an enviable physique through fitness can be a terrific source of inspiration and can keep you focused on your fitness goals. 

3) Find a Trainer that has a Personality you Enjoy!:

A good trainer must possess more than just knowledge. He/she has to relate to the needs of each individual trainee. People have a myriad of personalities and a trainer must be able to deliver positive reinforcement as well as constructive criticism. He must be able to sense when to be forceful and when to be compassionate, when to push for that extra rep and when to pull back.

4) Check your Trainers References:

Any established trainer should be able to provide the names of several clients who can attest to his/her competence as a fitness professional. You should ask for the names of people who are about the same age and sex, and have similar fitness goals as yourself. This will ensure that you can accurately assess whether he/she is skilled in dealing with your particular needs.

5) Evaluate the Fee Structure of the Trainer:

Fees can vary greatly when it comes to personal training, ranging from as little as about $35 per session and going as high as $150 per session or more. Don’t think that a low-priced trainer is a bargain or that a high-priced trainer has some magical formula for success. There are many things that will dictate fee structure including competition, location, reputation, etc. The best trainers are the ones who can deliver results in the least amount of time as possible.”

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