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DreamBody Video Series: Stay fit wherever you are

Posted on: October 22, 2009

“It’s important to stay fit and healthy when working in a flex environment For many people working in flexible work environments, their health is one of the last things they are concerned about. When was the last time you actually did anything that resembled exercise? Walking from your desk to the fridge and back doesn’t count.

For people that work a traditional five-day week and travel to their jobs, there are more opportunities to get some exercise. This may be walking to and from bus stops, from the parking spot to the office or leaving the office at lunch time.

Many offices have exercise rooms or special memberships for fitness clubs that are located close to the office. Since a group of people may take part in these activities, it is easier to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Peer pressure can work wonders when you are trying to stay fit.

Working from a home office, telework centre or out of a vehicle can’t give you the same motivation to stay with a healthy pattern. No one is there to remind you that it’s time to go for a walk or take part in other physical activities. It’s easier to convince yourself that you’ll do some exercising later or when you are done working on a project.

It’s up to you to take charge and make the decision to stay fit. There are a variety of options and only the expense and time you want to spend limit you. When you stay in a hotel on business trips take some time to use the exercise facilities – they are included in your charges so it makes sense to take advantage of them.

Thirty minutes a day is all you need to get started. If you really want to make a difference in your health, online options can help you. They provide the convenience of working out at home and are free.

Why is it important to stay fit?

Concentration is affected.

-Productivity decreases.

-You feel sluggish and have a hard time getting work done.

-Working from home or other flex-based schedules tend to do less physical activity.

-Too easy and habit forming to park at the desk and not get up.

-Easy to stash unhealthy snacks around the work area.

-Harder to kick colds or other ailments.

What You Can Do

-Taking daily walks is a great start.

-Start slowly, otherwise you’ll hurt yourself.

-Consider exercise routines that don’t require any or a lot of equipment.

-Get up and leave the house to a gym, gets you working out and is a break from the house.

-Make sure that snacks are healthy.

-Eat meals at a regular time.

-Don’t rush meals to get back to work.


Work better.

-Concentration improves.

-Feel better overall – Less stressed, more relaxed, more energy.

-Won’t feel tired all the time.

-Cope and recover better from illnesses.

Take time to include staying fit and healthy eating habits into your mobile lifestyle and you’ll see the results.”

Article by: Catherine Roseberry

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