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DreamBody Video Series: What is MiNdSCoRe?

Posted on: August 14, 2009

MiNdSCoRe, created by Paul Anthony, is a video series designed to help you achieve your own DreamBody.  After using the MiNdSCoRe program you’ll quickly realize why all the other exercise programs you have tried were doomed for failure and now you finally got it right. This program is unique in that it incorporates all of the 5 principles that Paul Anthony believes will re-encode your DNA and improve your life.

 “They will turn your frown up-side-down and your current body into your Dream Body” – Paul Anthony

MiNdSCoRe incorporates one of the world’s first and only mind-gym systems, unique only to the Dreambody Video Series. You will not only have incredible physical change, as seen from the before and after pictures, but it will also change your life. Your new Dream Body will give you all the confidence you need. Dreambody graduates say they have become magnetic, outgoing, confident and irresistible. You will be noticed by those around you. Once you have it, you can use this empowerment however you please. You will also receive the gift of sustainable happiness, which is what we all seek on this earth, as part of the DreamBody Video Series.

The key to MiNdSCoRe is that we are much more than just our physical bodies. We are our spirit, our heart, our relationships and much, much more. Combining all 5 principles of the program, you will improve the whole you and make failure a thing of the past. MiNdSCoRe re-encodes the cells throughout your body and programs the dendrites in your brain for success. If you were programmed to fail in the past, this program will put a sledge hammer to your past dis-empowering beliefs.

“DreamBody will build you a mansion full of successful beliefs and MiNdSCoRe is your key to fulfillment.

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