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Stop the Yo-Yo: How others have overcome the ups and downs of fitness!

Posted on: August 5, 2009

Everyone has a reason for engaging in a fitness program. It is the reasons that can either make our efforts long-term or just for the moment. Hopefully by reading some of the comments from our DreamBody Video Series Facebook fans, you can help decide if your reasons for participating in fitness will have life changing effects. What made you start your fitness program?  

I have been thinking about this all day….and I would have to say (from someone who has been “working out” for 15+ years) … finally getting tired of watching others around me becoming fitter and just realizing that I can complain all I want about my body, but only I have the power to change that and if I want the body of my dreams, then I will have to work for it… bottom line….that and the desire to one day compete! 🙂
Posted by: Darci
I was 17 years old and headed in the complete wrong direction in life (extremely unhealthy diet, overweight, drugs, etc). It was July 26th and I remember the evening so clearly. I was totally depressed and thought ‘either I can start doing drugs again.. or I have to change it all…’ The next morning when I woke up, I changed it all. I am still on my fitness journey and am very excited for my future doing what I fell in love with 7 years ago 😉
Posted by: Laura
I started a bootcamp in Jan and my body has totally transformed. 7 months of workouts/3 dress sizes smaller/and over 30lbs lighter. It’s been overwhelmingly liberating!!! The true decision for change came after being tired of sick and tired. I had no more excuses to exhaust. My large goal is have a total fit lean body. My smaller goals are to make good healthly food decisions each day to stay on course and make it a perminent lifestyle change!
Posted by: Kirsten
There is always a turning point that stops the yo-yo from re-bounding! Thank you for sharing your stories. Everyone finds inspiration and motivation in different ways and by sharing your stories, you help others look at their own lives and search for their own opportunities to make their yo-yo stop!

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