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Affirmation of the Week: Peacefulness

Posted on: July 27, 2009

What is it?
Peacefulness is having a sense of calm in your heart and in your mind. It comes most especially during quiet momemts when you wonder about things happening in your life. Peacefulness is a way of approaching conflicts or problems you may have with others so that no one is made wrong. It is being fair to others and yourself.
Why practice it?
Practicing peacefulness felps to create a calm mind from worry. When you are peaceful, you respect others and their differences. People also feel calm and safe when they are around you.
How do we practice it?
To find inner peace, become very still and think peaceful thoughts. To be a peacemaker, use peaceful language instead of name-calling, yelling or gossiping. Avoid aggressive or violent actions. Talks things out and listen to the other person too.
You are practicing Peacefulness when you…
  • Create inner peace with a regular time to meditate and reflect.
  • Use peaceful language even when you are angry.
  • Speak gently and respectfully.
  • Avoid harming anyone.
  • Find peaceful solutions to every problem.


I am peaceful. I use peaceful language and find peaceful solutions to any problem that arises. I find my inner peace and let it carry me gently through the day.

 Source: The Virtues Project– Educator’s Guide by Linda Kavelin Popov

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