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How can MiNdSCoRe help you achieve Health and Fitness When Yo-Yo Diets and Wacky Fitness Equipment Failed?

Posted on: June 30, 2009

mind-health-programThe health and fitness industry is always unveiling new tricks, trends and fads. Think of all the yo-yo diet’s that have come and gone. Remember the wacky exercise equipment that was supposed to give you rock hard abs? Did any of these supposed “health and fitness” products actually help? Maybe for the short time, but how about the long run? Maybe all of these products that focus on changing how you move, eat and look should start to focus on changing how you think???? The following excerpt from an article I have read brings insight into how the mind affects your health and helps explain the foundations of a program called MiNdSCoRe, created by Paul Anthony.

“Scientific studies of the mind-body connection reveal that mental states are reflected immediately in your biochemistry—the chemical messenger system that controls how your body functions. And what triggers those mental states? Your beliefs. The influences and associations of your beliefs determine the focus of your attention in every moment and this filters what you take in from all that surrounds. This automatic filtering colors your perception of your world and determine how you interpret what you notice. These filters trigger the responses that can make you sick or allow your natural well being to flow unimpeded.

That means that focusing your attention in ways that generate feelings of conflict, anxiety, tension, worry, stress, anger, depression, mistrust, or conflict can lead to very real physical effects in your body. Your habits of attention and reaction can result in high blood pressure, lowered immune response, asthma, digestive disturbances, infertility, insomnia, back pain, skin problems, colds and flu, headaches—the list goes on and on.

When you consider how powerfully our emotions and attitudes affect our bodies, it shouldn’t be surprising that doctors estimate that 60 to 90 percent of all patient visits are for stress-related symptoms. These are problems for which your doctor will find no physical cause—problems that conventional medical care often cannot solve.

Now, you might assume that this means doctors aren’t doing sufficient testing to determine what’s really wrong, or maybe there are mysterious new ailments that modern medicine just hasn’t learned to identify.”

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The MiNdSCoRe program, created by Paul Anthony, will help you transform your mind so you can have long lasting fitness and health results!

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