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How to Overcome Life Struggles, Relationship Problems and get Motivated to Succeed!

Posted on: June 26, 2009

bebe testimonialHave you ever been stuck in a rut at work, in health or even in a relationship? If you are like me than most likely you have been faced with a challenge in your life that feels like it is impossible to get through. To get over these life challenges, have you ever thought to go to a personal trainer for help? I thought that all personal trainers were there to pump you up and not to help get you through some major life struggles. As all things aren’t created equal, neither are personal trainers.

Paul Anthony is not only a personal trainer, he is an extreme motivator! He has helped thousands of people overcome health problems, achieve health and fitness goals and learn to love themselves. I was browsing his website today and came across the most uplifting testimonial from one of his clients. It sure says a lot about his deep and personal bond that he makes with his clients and achieving their dreams/goals!


How do you put a miracle into words? I don’t know … but here is my attempt. By living your destiny, by knowing your heart, by being with you are, you became the key that unlocked my prison door! Yesterday my whole changed, during our conversation a light bulb turned on and I Got IT!! I cried like a little baby all day, weeping for joy, I was FREE at last, I understood the power of thoughts he power of mindsets! Paul I would give you everything I own to show you how much grateful I am for all you’ve taught me, for all you’ve shown me, for all you’ve done for me in only 7 weeks! I will live out my dreams and destiny because of you! You are not only a gift to MY WORLD, you are a gift to THE WORLD! I’ve chosen to cleanse myself of all negative thoughts and affirmations, I understand now what I never understood before God blessed me with YOU! There must come a day that we can sit down and you here my story so you can truly understand what you’ve accomplished HERE! I thank GOD for loving me enough to put you in my life. You are brilliant, intelligent, gentle, strong, determined, driven, focused, spirited and powerful! You will change MILLIONS of lives by just simply following your heart, you are unique and special! You amaze me. As I am to you “Little Dynamo“, are are to me “Ambassador of Truth“!

Thank you Paul!

If you are looking for inspiration, motivation or enlightenment please contact Paul Anthony. If you don’t have a chance to meet him in person, he has created a series of videos that you can follow in the privacy of your own home. Paul Anthony Website

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